Text To Speech WAV 1.0

Free This app converts text to speech and exports it as a WAV file
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Text To Speech WAV is an easy-to-use program that converts text to sound. To do this, it uses pre-installed text-to-speech engines from Windows. An example of such engine is Microsoft Sam. There aren’t many options to tweak in this utility. You can just pick the voice, the output format, the volume and the reading rate. You can preview the result by clicking on the “Say” button, below the text area.

You can guess from the title of the program that the output sound file is in wave format (WAV). WAV files can get quite large so you may want to give up on the quality to keep the file size lower. Choosing a mono format will cut the size in half. There’s no need to export to stereo format anyway because the two channels are identical. Choosing an 8-bit format degrades the sound quality way too much and the hiss is clearly audible.

For some reason, the program does not appear in the Windows taskbar or system tray when it is open, so if the main window is covered by other windows of other programs, you’ll have to minimize them to get back to the utility. You can’t alt-tab to it either, nor use the Task Manager to switch to it.

This software is free for personal use.

AA Senior editor
Alexandru Andrei
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  • Easy to use
  • Small size
  • Many formats to choose from


  • Uses pre-installed text-to-speech engines
  • Doesn't appear in the taskbar, alt-tab list or system tray; hard to find if other windows are covering it
  • Didn't work at first install (see screenshot)



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